Humanitarian Crisis Working Group

Starting in April 2024, this group emerged as a natural progression from the Ukraine Support Working Group, extending it’s reach to encompass a broader spectrum of individuals facing humanitarian crises.

Purpose/vision: Establish a safety net of community agency support for those navigating the challenges of displacement, including refugees, refugee claimants, displaced persons, and other newcomers in need of humanitarian assistance. Central to the approach of this group is the cultivation of awareness among both community members and agencies regarding the unique needs of individuals in humanitarian crisis situations as they integrate into our community.

Group Guidelines

Meeting Minutes

Meeting recordings (accessible by request)


Contact Information


Orlando Ferro

QLIP Administrator

Catherine Fisher Andrews

QLIP Coordinator

Myra Symonenko

Community Engagement Coordinator Ukraine

Mariam Niazi

QUIS Employer Toolkit Coordinator

QUIS Employer Toolkit for Hiring Newcomers (Provincially funded)