QLIP Newcomer Workers Working Group

*Formerly Temporary Foreign Worker Working Group

Established in 2023, this collaborative initiative supports and advocates for vulnerable newcomer workers in the QLIP area, with a focus on temporary foreign workers (TFWs).

Purpose/Vision: To champion the diverse needs of newcomer workers and elevate awareness of the challenges they face within our community. The group aims to provide vital information, education, and support to both newcomer workers and the broader community. Efforts extend to engaging with relevant services, community members, and employers, fostering a culture of understanding and empowerment.

Group Guidelines

Meeting Minutes

Meeting recordings (accessible by request)


Contact Information


Orlando Ferro

QLIP Administrator

Catherine Fisher Andrews

QLIP Coordinator

Myra Symonenko

Community Engagement Coordinator Ukraine

Mariam Niazi

QUIS Employer Toolkit Coordinator

QUIS Employer Toolkit for Hiring Newcomers (Provincially funded)