NOTE: This group has transitioned to become the Humanitarian Crisis Working Group

Established in May 2022, this working group emerged as a collective response to the urgent humanitarian crisis stemming from the invasion of Ukraine by Russia in February 2022. The group united QLIP (Local Immigration Partnership) partners to address the pressing needs of Ukrainians arriving in our community amid limited support systems.

Purpose/Vision: To forge a robust safety net of organizational awareness, service coordination, and tailored programming, ensuring that Ukrainian newcomers receive the support and resources they need to navigate their transition and thrive within the QLIP community.

Meeting minutes

Meeting recordings (accessible by request)


Contact Information


Orlando Ferro

QLIP Administrator

Catherine Fisher Andrews

QLIP Coordinator

Myra Symonenko

Community Engagement Coordinator Ukraine

Mariam Niazi

QUIS Employer Toolkit Coordinator

QUIS Employer Toolkit for Hiring Newcomers (Provincially funded)